Do You Fit the Profile of an Insane Boss?

This infographic comes courtesy of Sarah Wenger at If you're the boss, have you ever thought of yourself as a psychopath? Chances are, your employees have.

Be sure to check out my suggestions below on how NOT to be the crazy boss who's the reason great people leave.

 Your Boss Is Insane

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If your employees are losing their hair, gaining weight, and keeping regular appointments with their cardiologists, try taking the following actions to turn things around:
  • LISTEN - You have two ears and one mouth. This means you should be listening twice as much as you talk. If you find yourself talking more than listening, start by letting others finish their thoughts. If you agree with them, take action. If you disagree, thank them for their input, and say nothing. You don't need to demonstrate your intelligence, worldliness or status. You're the boss. You won't appear less so by shutting up.
  • TRUST - If you have rotten employees, quit blaming them. They were either rotten when you hired them (and you didn't catch it), or you made them that way. If you trusted them enough to hire them in the first place, trust them enough to use their judgment and do the right thing.
  • LIGHTEN UP - Activity does not equal productivity. Stop pressing people to be busy at all times. There are very few environments where there can (or has to be) perpetual motion. Pressuring people to always be "busy" will indeed cause them to be busy - busy rewriting their resumes and searching for a new job.
  • ENGAGE - Tough economic conditions lead some bosses to believe that the employee needs the job and will therefore work "scared." Regardless the economic conditions, happy people don't leave happy places. Work on making your workplace a happy place. Focus more on happiness than productivity, and people will be more productive than if you focused solely on productivity. Don't believe it? Take a look at Zappos and Google.
  • GIVE A $#!+ - Do you see your people as just another piece of machinery? A means to an end? Do you think feeding and maintaining that "machine" will cost too much money and harm your bottom line? Is caring and showing genuine concern too much to ask? Read here what Google does to create engaged, super-productive employees, then see if that argument still flies.

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